The objective of SecurityDriver.Com (SDC) is to create an exceptional learning environment for the viewer. The site was initially designed and developed for those security professionals whose duties require them to supply safe and secure transportation for their executives and/or clients. But over time, SDC content has proven to be a valuable resource for all those working in the protective services profession.

SecurityDriver.Com History

For more than 20 years SecurityDriver.Com (SDC) has been a valuable source of information for the security community. It is one of the oldest Security/EP websites on the internet.  Viewers from all aspects of the Protective Services Profession and all parts of the world have downloaded articles on driving, armored vehicles, surveillance detection, using Social Media to enhance your Brand, the business of security, news, and technology that affects the profession. Please visit our Article Section for the latest updates.

SDC is managed by Tony Scotti and Larry Snow. For more than 40 years Tony has catered to the training needs of industry and public service agencies. He has trained governments, corporations, law enforcement agencies and military organizations to avoid vehicle violence.


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ISDA YouTube Channel

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ISDA Member Glen Edmunds and The Science of Driving

All driving scenarios, be it an accident or ambush, no matter how simple or complex, are exercises in the laws of physics. Using the Science of Driving is the key to measuring an individual driver’s capability behind the wheel; it’s the only way to objectively measure their driving skill.

Ethics and Secure Transportation

What constitutes a crime and what rises to the level of a reportable crime? What is observing an action of bad taste and what does it mean to observe an action of malfeasance? If you, as a professional in the executive/corporate protection business can’t tell the difference, it will come back to haunt you someday.

Looking at Protective Services Training Providers

One of the most asked questions in Social Media and from the ISDA Network is – “What training program should I attend?”

The following is a “suggestion,” and it is not intended to be the only deciding factor. When selecting a training provider, part of the decision-making process should be looking at the training provider’s website and Social Media presence.

Does the site have a Blog or Article Section devoted to sharing knowledge?

Is their Social Media presence knowledge-based?

The Top Five Vehicles Used for Secure Transportation

The Executive Vehicle and Secure Transportation Survey has been conducted every two years since 2013. Practitioners who participated in the survey represent the corporate (37% of participants), high net worth (21%), and private security community (23%). The participants had an average of approximately 15 years of experience. This year’s report consists of 36 pages of data with supplemental articles. The additional information is added to enhance and support the data.