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For more than 15 years SecurityDriver.Com (SDC)  has been a source of information for the security community, specifically targeting those security professionals whose duties require them to supply safe and secure transportation for their executives and/or clients. Through the years SDC has become a source of information for those interested in Advanced Driving. It is one of the oldest web sites on the internet; it has been in existence for 16 years.  Viewers from all parts of the world have downloaded articles on driving, surveillance detection and the business of security. Please visit our Article Section for the latest updates

SDC is managed by Tony Scotti and Larry Snow. For close to 40 years Tony has catered to the training needs of industry and public service agencies. He has trained governments, corporations, law enforcement agencies and military organizations to avoid vehicle violence. Going on 5 decades his training programs have been conducted in over 33 countries, and he has trained students from sixty-four countries and conducted training programs on five continents.

SDC has also served as a marketing tool for two other business entities that Tony Scotti is working with International Security Driver Association, Inc. (ISDA) and Vehicle Dynamics Institute. Both companies are advisors and contributors to SecurityDriver.Com.