What does Vehicle Dynamics Institute and Lego’s have in common? – The commonality is a marketing term called Brand Evangelism

The best way to describe a brand evangelist is a loyal customer who feels so strongly and passionate about a brand that they will market that brand to others with no gain to themselves. It is based on a deep connection with the brand.

Lego’s and Brand Evangelism – This is from an article which appeared in the Huffington Post


Seven-year-old Luka Apps spent his Christmas money on the LEGO Ninja set. Luka decided to take the Ninja set to the mall against his father’s advice with the end result being that Luca lost the Ninja set – A tragedy. Luka decided to send an email to the folks at LEGO asking for a replacement – he got an email back from Lego’s. A short paraphrased excerpt from the Lego’s Email –

“Luca I talked with my boss and he said that we can’t send you a replacement. But I called Sensei Wu and he said your father is a wise man and should always listen to him. I will send you a replacement.”

The Lego’s email made it onto the social media, generating literally thousands of Brand Evangelist, with a 5 year old granddaughter who loves Lego’s I am one of them. They also have a seven year old that is a client for generations to come.

Vehicle Dynamics Institute (VDI) and Brand Evangelism – Recently VDI received a call from a company asking for training information; although a substantial company (Fortune 500) they were just starting up an EP program for their executives. The Security Director mentioned that her peers (VDI Brand Evangelist) had strongly suggested she talk to Joe Autera from VDI.

During the conversation Joe Autera mentions the IRS regulations concerning protective services, he sends her the IRS information and puts the Security Director in contact with her peers (others responsible for the safety and security of their executives) that could help her with the IRS issue, plus Joe answered a myriad of questions all of this-FOR FREE. A few days later Joe receives a phone call from the security director thanking VDI for making her look good, mentioning that VDI has a client for life – her words not VDI’s.( Actually she said that VDI made her look like a rock star)

In a short time frame Joe created another VDI Brand Evangelist – there is no price you can put on that.  This scenario happens about once a week. Joe and VDI’s brand is that – You will get a straight answer not an answer that will lead you to buy the VDI services.

Again – A brand evangelist is a loyal client who feels so strongly and passionate about your brand that they will market you to others. We (The old Scotti School and now VDI) have been creating brand evangelists for decades – we work at it – we spend time and effort learning the needs of our clients – and then give it them – FREE.

An article by the guy who develops Brand Evangelism for companies and individuals Larry Snow – but Larry cannot develop Brand Evangelism if there is no Brand.


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