Introducing Security Driver Magazine

Introducing Security Driver Magazine; this first issue is a Beta test. We are using new technology to create and design the magazine as well as the process to disseminate the magazine to our audience. Our goal is to offer more information in a timely fashion in various formats.

Currently we are using Issuu.Com to host the magazine. This will most likely change as we perfect the distribution method, the content, and the style and design of the magazine.

We would like to hear from you. What content would you like to see in upcoming issues? If you interested in writing for the magazine or have any other questions please contact Tony Scotti, via email

Click the image below to view the magazine. For best results move your mouse over the image below and click “View in Full Screen.”


For those with Apple devices and others that cannot view the embedded magazine above, go directly to magazine on Issuu.Com.




  1. Joe Clovis says:

    Great concept and great lay-out Tony! ‘Can’t wait to start diving in to future issues!

  2. I like it!

  3. Fernando Barcenas says:

    This would make a great printed magazine.

    • tonyscotti says:

      Fernando – Yes it would – but very expensive to produce – if the response warrants it we may look into producing an actual magazine – Thanks

  4. Andy Brown says:

    Hi Toni I have to agree what an excellent start to the newsletter. Am already looking forward to next edition. As a former editor of my own newsletter regarding high value vehicle thefts in London UK, these can quickly snowball!
    I wish to add my own input to the article of driving aids. After driving for the Met Police London for 31 yrs I have seen and driven many vehicles used for “working”. It is clear that driving aids do in the most part serve as an important edition to the average drivers locker. I have reservations when used for “working” as mentioned for anti-hijack drills. I drove BMW 535 Twin turbo’s with the traction control and ESP on full time. I cannot be the only emergency driver who has experienced that delay when changing direction and asking the car for more power to drive out of corners, round street furniture, only to find it reacting too slow in time for the next hazard. perhaps as the technology advances so will the interaction between the driver and the car. I do not have that “feel”, the sensation when the car will break away, front or rear, many drivers rely on the aids, a mistake! Opinion, great start Toni.
    Andy Brown

    • tonyscotti says:

      Andy I would agree – but in our test of the newer ESC system we find that they make the average driver better, and tend to confuse the above average, trained driver. A driver that is trained to use a large portion of what the vehicle has to offer can get conflicting signals from the vehicle, causing momentary hesitation which could result in bad things happening.
      Andy if interested any articles you would like to contribute would be welcomed.
      Thanks for the comment

  5. Just a wonderful publication, but like everything else you are involved, it is always tops
    thanks for a fine layout, and so very important information.

  6. Bob Reyes says:

    Tony – very nice debut of the magazine, can’t wait for the coming editions. Dangerous times are coming………


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