Lessons Learned Part 3 – Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda By Tom Taylor

“The siblings of redundancy are speed, surprise, terrain, and faultless intelligence … No wink and a nod beforehand, no foreplay, no threats … Precise intelligence is the icing on the cake. The composition of number two’s convoy, his route, and his schedule were all known to his assassins.”
– Robert B. Baer, “The Perfect Kill – 21 Laws For Assassins” (2013); taken from Law #5: Always Have a Backup For Everything.

Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda:

Three public figures are assassinated in separate attacks and find themselves standing in line outside the Pearly Gates. Recognizing one another, they stand together and discuss how they were killed.

The first public figure, a world famous Hollywood actress and singer, went first: “Crowds scared the Hell out of me, but they go with the business. I spent a fortune on security: bodyguards, limos, fences around my house, alarms and surveillance cameras. I’ve gotten a thousand bizarre letters from fans. A few of them started stalking me and I got court orders for them to stay away. I was foolish to think that a piece of paper could stop a bullet. Things had been pretty quiet lately, so my trainer and I went down to the beach for my daily jog. I didn’t take any security with me, because I wanted a little freedom. When we returned to the car, a stalker was waiting. He shot and wounded my trainer, then he killed me and also killed himself. The stalker must have known that I like to run on the beach. I shoulda varied my schedule more.”

The second public figure, a governor from a Western state, spoke next: “I had a small security detail of five troopers. They were good guys, very loyal and competent. But they were stretched too thin. I resisted most of their attempts to protect me … like when they tried to take me in a back door somewhere or use a follow up car. I love crowds. I’d only had a few death threats and I thought security was useless. If someone really wants to kill you then there’s nothing you can do to stop them. I always liked to walk from the Mansion to the Capitol each morning for work, but I wouldn’t let them follow me. It’s only two blocks. This morning, I noticed a man sitting in a parked car outside the driveway. As I went past his car, he got out and shot me in the back. The troopers responded quickly, but it was too late. They once offered to provide me with a bulletproof vest … If I’d listened to them, it coulda saved my life.”

The third public figure, one of the wealthiest CEOs in the world, stated sadly, “I had it all: more money than I could ever spend, a beautiful celebrity wife, a television network, a baseball team, and several mansions. I was recognized everywhere I went. I could have afforded better protection than the President, but, in my arrogance, I was so isolated that I failed to appreciate the risk that my money and fame brought with it. I used a chauffeur and some private security guards, but I didn’t allow them to do their jobs. I thought I knew more about security than they did. As I was leaving my mansion this morning, several men attempted to kidnap me. I resisted and they shot me. If I had it to do over, I woulda invested in an armored vehicle.”

They were quiet for a few moments as the line inched forward, quietly contemplating their fates. Ahead, they could see people being separated into groups, and they became nervous, well aware of their many sins in life.

They noticed six rough looking individuals standing behind them and wondered who they were. “What happened to you guys?” asked the governor. The men exchanged glances, then a spokesman for the group stepped forward. “We’re terrorists,” he said. “This morning we tried to assassinate a prime minister. He used bodyguards and traveled in an armored vehicle, so we knew he would be a hard target. We had followed him around for weeks, but he kept changing his schedule, so we decided to kill him when he arrived at his office. Unfortunately, while we were waiting for him to arrive, an advance agent spotted us and called the police to check us out. Suddenly, there were cops everywhere. We shot it out with them, but we were all killed.”

The three public figures considered this information and realized that a world class advance agent could have saved them, as well. They had all died from poor choices they had made in their own protection. Each one was killed doing a routine activity. They had all used security measures, but the assassins had found the chink in their armor and cut their lives short. The terrorist spokesman turned, looked sadly at his friends, and quietly added, “We shoulda picked a softer target!”

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