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The Security Driving and Training Group is not new, it has been in existence for a while, and is a closed group. This group is for practitioners who supply safe and secure transportation and for the serious minded driver trainer. Initially the group was by invitation only consisting of a few friends and others that I know who are trainers or work in the Secure Transportation business.  Also I am of the opinion that there is a misconception of what exactly security driving consists of so I have also decided to allow those who would like to learn about Security Driving and the Secure Transportation business.

The catalyst for making the Group available to a wider audience is the present state of the social media. As an example – I notice my page is filled with pictures of every gun known to mankind: knives, combative techniques: job advice (usually coming from people who don’t have jobs); political preferences; what they ate for breakfast; and a host of other subjects. This is not a criticism of Facebook or those who post – it is an observation, and on my personal page I do the same thing, that’s why they call it the SOCIAL Media. This Group is more educational than social.

This is what I can tell you about the Group – none of the present group members are experts, mentors, or holders of the holy grail of EP and/or Security Driving. We are still learning, and the group is a place where we learn from each other by sharing our experiences and our knowledge. That knowledge is conveyed in a respectful manner – there will be no preaching or talking down to group members. My guess is that it won’t be a large group but I’ll do my best to make it productive. I would prefer quality vs. quantity.

Also an interesting fact from Larry Snow – Facebook has something called “edge rank”, which is that basically 8 to 10% of your Facebook friends see what you post in their feeds. This means that no matter what you post only 10% of your friends will see it. However this is a group and it will be kept small so if you have something to say, the chances are that someone will see it.

To keep it productive there needs to be rules:

• If you contribute editorial content you can market training – no editorial content no marketing. And there are rules for marketing training – it has to be related to Secure Transportation – no chest thumping – no I am the best and you’re not type of marketing -simply state what you offer, where and a contact – and that is it. Please no “It’s me – buy my stuff” posts

• Be respectful of others – if not your out.

If you write about an experience – give the readers a lessoned learned – if there is none – don’t post it.

• If I don’t know you I will ask you to introduce yourself and ask why you want to belong to the group.

I am open to suggestions on how to make this group work for the benefit of the members.!/groups/46768523748/





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