Technology Brief – UBIK Camera

Technology Brief - Camera

Technology Brief  on the UBIK  Camera from Mark Quinn, ISDA Member

In many scenario’s Surveillance Detection is not only your best protection it may be your only protection.

The UBIK Camera by ADCOR MAGNET Systems is the first 360 x 240 degree, live-streaming spherical camera on the market. The camera captures the largest Field of View (FOV) of any single-lens spherical camera available and transfers this data with minimally required cellular and wifi connectivity providing live-streaming capabilities.

UBIK CAMERAThe UBIK is the only Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) available camera to stream 360 x 240 FOV across any typical cellular network.

How does this benefit Security and Secure Transportation Practitioners?

The answer is simple when you drill down on it, but it’s also quite amazing. Practitioners now have the option to monitor “live” security, protection, or mobile operations, and secure transportation while being able to review all video data that occurs within the timeframes determined by the users. The user, e.g. Director of Security, Detail Leader, Surveillance Detection Specialist, Command Post Agent, Solo Practitioner, etc. may also remotely go back and geotag any location, vehicle, person of interest, or item for later reference….wait for it……WHILE the actual day-to-day operations, be it static or mobile, are occurring or in the EP vernacular, the Principal is being transported.

This capability HAS NOT been available in the past! Instead of having to rely on your Security Driver, Solo Practitioner, or Detail Leaders memory, or if they’re really good, still smartphone photos or video, you now have the ability to record actual live footage of the operation/movement in progress and review it at a later time to determine if you have some surveillance/potential threats to address.

This capability greatly assists in providing the necessary factor for survival in any threat situation, the TIME needed to take preemptive action!! By utilizing the camera’s capabilities to assist in developing or to enhance your existing surveillance detection program, you are exponentially increasing the time needed to take the appropriate action. As we all know, TIME is a very big deal.

I was able to see this camera in action at the recent Smart City Expo in NYC on 3-4 May 2017 and actually manipulate the controls via a laptop computer and an iPad mounted in the Smart Patrol Vehicle next to the Driver’s seat. I’m not the best computer operator and I can tell you, it was very easy to control, create geotags, review footage, etc.

The Camera is now included as part of Microsoft’s Smart Patrol Vehicle package, and the ADCOR team was invited to attend and be in the booth for any questions, Needless to say, the camera system was a huge hit, with significant interest coming from NYPD, Atlanta PD, and the Port Authority of NYNJ.

To finish up, another feature that needs mentioning is the mobile interface capability. Multiple users can access the UBIK camera simultaneously from any Android or IOS mobile device. For central monitoring purposes, the UBIK software is also laptop and desktop compatible.

Direct all comments and questions to Mark Quinn.  He is the point of contact for any requests for info on the UBIK Camera, you can reach him on LinkedIn.

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