Secure Transportation News – Executive Vehicles – Cost of Motorcades – BMW X5 Armored Vehicles

3a3a970b0d6d477fae9ed709cc3900beSome cars are meant to be driven, and others are meant to be driven in. There is a segment of the Secure Transportation Market where the vehicles rear seat amenities are important, for that group, a collection of vehicles

The cost of Motorcades via the Honolulu Police Department

The new BMW X5 Armored Vehicle

The latest in Tire Technology – tires that adjust to weather conditions and vehicle load – incredible stuff–the-next-giant-steps-in-tire-technology

These are two articles from Charles Randolph’s Blog – Charles is the Senior Director for a Fortune top 5 corporation, responsible for Executive Protection and Intelligence. For me it is enlightening to have a practitioner with Charles level of experience and knowledge willing to share that knowledge.

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