About SecurityDriver.Com

About SecurityDriver.Com

This site was designed and developed by Tony Scotti for those security professionals whose duties require them to supply safe and secure transportation for their executives and/or clients. The security driving profession has its own set of reactive and proactive knowledge and skill requirements. The objective of the site is to enhance the knowledge and education of security drivers.

Consulting Services 

Tony Scotti is available for consulting. TSA consulted with Mercedes Benz for the introduction of the Mercedes Guard Car (Armored Mercedes.TSA has developed testing and evaluation programs for specialized vehicles.

The Need for the Site

For decades, statistics have indicated that the overwhelming majority of security incidents involving corporate executives and high-profile individuals, including government and military, have occurred while the targeted individual was in or around their vehicle. During this time, the risks to the attackers are relatively low and the possibility for success is relatively high. When statistics and history are examined, we can understand why many security practitioners point to transportation as the weak link in the personal security chain. The safety and security of the vehicle occupants during this most dangerous period of time has been and is the responsibility of the security driver.

The Misconception of Security Driving

Security Driving and Secure Transportation are decades-old skills that, for the most part, are not recognized as a separate discipline. The EP training doctrine suggests they are secondary skills, yet most events that have shaped the industry and continue to be problematic have been and are vehicle-related.