The Miscellaneous Ramblings of an Old Man

I wrote the first “The Miscellaneous Ramblings of an Old Man” in 2011. They are, as the title would suggest, the random thoughts that enter the mind of an old guy. Mostly one liner’s that cover life in general, especially an old life, the profession, politics and anything else that enters what is left of the gray matter. I stopped writing them in 2013, not because there wasn’t … [Read more...]

TBT – Time frame, the early 80”s – My Turbo T Bird Radio Ad

The time was the early 80’s - can’t remember the exact year (it’s an age thing). Through the efforts of an old friend, Fred Stafford, we were sponsored by Ford. They asked me to do a radio ad for the new Turbo T Bird. During that time Fred (early 80’s)  was the VP of the Scotti School he traveled through the world with stops in Canada, England and Malaysia. Prior to coming to … [Read more...]

Hello. This is OnStar – “Are You Hanging Upside Down by Your Seat Belts?”

Has anyone ever had OnStar call them to ask if they were hanging upside down by their seat belts? A while back we (VDI) conducted a training program for an oil company – one of the vehicles was a Yukon Denali. As the student was driving though the lane change and slalom exercise, OnStar contacted the driver and wanted to know if there had been a rollover. The voice coming … [Read more...]

The Economic Justification for Security Driving and Secure Transportation

In June, ISDA hosted a members only online training webinar. Tony Scotti presented a live 40 minute talk on, “The Economic Justification for Security Driving and Secure Transportation”. He discussed the risk involved with Secure Transportation, specifically the economic and financial risk, and outlined the metrics needed to compute the value and ROI of Secure Transportation. We … [Read more...]