For those looking for work – an article on Motivation – By Bill Peeler

Like most of my friends Bill is an old one - his Bio is at the end of the article I wanted to take a moment and point out something for the new and old alike that are looking for work in the security industry. If you have properly prepared for your journey in to this field you most likely have paid large sums of money for training, equipment, travel and all the best seller books available, this … [Read more...]

Branding and marketing for the Protection Services Professional

Branding and marketing for the Protection Services Professional - for the freelance Protective Service agent and for those companies providing protective services branding and marketing is, in my opinion, the most neglected part of business.  When Larry Snow posted his short article “Hey you!! Buy My Stuff”, he was asked - OK hotshot, how do I use the Social Media as a branding and marketing … [Read more...]

Experts? – by Frank Gallagher

From the “Word IQ definition”: An expert is someone widely recognized as a reliable source of knowledge or skill whose judgment is accorded authority and status by the public or their peers. Experts have prolonged or intense experience, practice or education in a particular field that goes significantly beyond any general or shallow appreciation. The concept is debated within the field of … [Read more...]