Escaping The Kill Zone – What Is Good?

By Joe Autera - Larry Side - Tony Scotti A while back we wrote a small article titled “You Can’t Be Average”; the article got a great deal of response, and one of the most asked questions was - OK, when talking about driving and Escaping The Kill Zone, (ETKZ) if not “Average” then  “What is good”. To answer the question we go to the data VDI collects to test their vehicles and produce … [Read more...]

Mission Oriented Driving Skills (MODS) – Driving INTO The Kill Zone

During the coverage of the Marathon Bombings, the National and International media flooded the airways and print with video’s and pictures of tactical vehicles doing what they are designed to do - drive INTO the kill zone. This is a scenario the security community may find unusual. But there are SWAT Teams all over the world whose job requires them on a regular basis to drive into the kill zone. … [Read more...]

You Can’t Be Average

We (VDI) do a lot of research on driving - training - anything that will help us be better at what we do. While conducting the research we notice the word we see most often is “Average”. As an example the “average” driver needs 2.5 seconds to react to a problem. The “average” driver can use only 50 % of the vehicles cornering capability The “average” driver will use x feet to stop at x … [Read more...]

A Change for SecurityDriver.Com

SecurityDriver.Com (SD.C) is one of the oldest web sites in the security industry. For close to 20 years SD.C has been a source of information to the protective services industry. Soon we will be changing the SD.C format, and in a short while we will be introducing a new industry association accompanied by a new web site, more on that later. Many of the articles on SD.C will be removed, but for … [Read more...]


Many accidents happen while the car is in reverse.  More often than not, these result in fender benders, not dramatic accidents, but nonetheless annoying and expensive. First of all, understand why it is difficult to back up.  Cars are designed to go forward. Automobile suspensions possess a quality known as "caster".  Caster is the force that helps to straighten out the front wheels after … [Read more...]