Passing the vehicle in front you is one of those things we do often but don’t give much thought. Once the decision to pass a vehicle in an urban environment realize and remember that you and your car are going to be spending a good deal of time in the wrong lane. To give you an idea of how much time and distance, if you are traveling at 50 mph and passing someone going 40 mph, you will need about … [Read more...]

The definition of busy

2, 8, 41 (3, 2, 1, 8 [4], 3) 4, 2, 13...Driving the Math with VDI I share this not to brag about VDI (well maybe a little bragging) but rather to make a point - While others put up posts about what they are GOING TO DO - VDI puts up a post about WHAT THEY DID. Those who have been to our courses know the phrase "driving the math" all too well. Here's a look at what that phrase means to the … [Read more...]

You’re the driving guys

A comment we hear often. But it is not what we (VDI) hear from our clients. In fact we conduct as many, and in some years, more custom training programs than we do our standard Protective Driving Programs. Due to the security conditions around the globe these custom programs are in high demand. These programs are designed to train EP personnel in the skills needed to keep their executives and … [Read more...]

Escaping The Kill Zone – What Is Good?

By Joe Autera - Larry Side - Tony Scotti A while back we wrote a small article titled “You Can’t Be Average”; the article got a great deal of response, and one of the most asked questions was - OK, when talking about driving and Escaping The Kill Zone, (ETKZ) if not “Average” then  “What is good”. To answer the question we go to the data VDI collects to test their vehicles and produce … [Read more...]

Mission Oriented Driving Skills (MODS) – Driving INTO The Kill Zone

During the coverage of the Marathon Bombings, the National and International media flooded the airways and print with video’s and pictures of tactical vehicles doing what they are designed to do - drive INTO the kill zone. This is a scenario the security community may find unusual. But there are SWAT Teams all over the world whose job requires them on a regular basis to drive into the kill zone. … [Read more...]