Using APPS For Ground Transportation – By Stewart Resmer

Direct all comments to Stu at There is a growing multinational transportation trend that is quickly reaching critical mass. This trend has resulted in violence in France and has a potential for random violence to spread to other counties including the US. That trend involves the use of APPS for street hails for ground transportation services. Black car services and Taxi … [Read more...]


This is an old booklet, written in the late 80’s by Tony Scotti on how to avoid vehicle attacks, specifically carjacking. The book was written when carjackings were prevalent. It was written as a marketing tool for a company that made shatter proof glass. It covers the ingredients necessary for a successful ambush, and what a driver can do to mitigate vehicle violence.  It became popular with the … [Read more...]

You Can’t Be Average

We (VDI) do a lot of research on driving - training - anything that will help us be better at what we do. While conducting the research we notice the word we see most often is “Average”. As an example the “average” driver needs 2.5 seconds to react to a problem. The “average” driver can use only 50 % of the vehicles cornering capability The “average” driver will use x feet to stop at x … [Read more...]

Security Driving and Electronic Stability Control

As of this year all vehicles must have Electronic Stability Control (ESC). ESC is a computer that takes over control of the vehicle when the vehicles path is not what the driver intended it to be. For those of us who have lost control of a car, we know that it's that first twitch of the car that tells us that we are about to have an exciting experience. That twitch is information the car is … [Read more...]


Many accidents happen while the car is in reverse.  More often than not, these result in fender benders, not dramatic accidents, but nonetheless annoying and expensive. First of all, understand why it is difficult to back up.  Cars are designed to go forward. Automobile suspensions possess a quality known as "caster".  Caster is the force that helps to straighten out the front wheels after … [Read more...]