Secure Transportation News – Executive Vehicles – Cost of Motorcades – BMW X5 Armored Vehicles

Some cars are meant to be driven, and others are meant to be driven in. There is a segment of the Secure Transportation Market where the vehicles rear seat amenities are important, for that group, a collection of vehicles The cost of Motorcades via the Honolulu Police … [Read more...]

Attack on the Italian Consul in Libya

The Italian Consul, Guido De Sanctis has been nice enough demonstrate, again, why armored vehicles are a good thing. I’ll wait until we can get more information about the attack - but look at where the rounds hit the side windows - does that create questions? Some news … [Read more...]

Jeep Grand Cherokee Runs Into The Moose

A Swedish automotive magazine suggested the Jeep Grand Cherokee is dangerous to drive and should be taken off the roads. Their statement is based on the Grand Cherokee lifting its wheels and coming close to rolling over at 39.5 MPH while maneuvering through the Moose Test, which is nothing more than a lane change. A video of the test. For those who have attended our training program the Moose … [Read more...]