Where It All Began

Last week I went back to the original Scotti School roots, I visited Thompson Speedway in Thompson CT. The track in CT. is where, in the early 70’s, the original Scotti School ran its first training programs in the US (The Scotti School started in South America). Thompson Raceway was the first purpose built road racing course and first asphalt high-banked oval in America. There is now a New … [Read more...]

Security Driver Magazine (SDM) – The First 3 Issues

Moving forward Security Driver Magazine (SDM) will be the International Security Driver Association (ISDA) Journal for the Secure Transportation Professional. SDM is a Quarterly publication that addresses the issues that affect ISDA members. The Journal is free to all ISDA Members and will be available to non-members for a fee. The Magazine is sent to key decision makers in the Corporate, High … [Read more...]

A New Book – Infidels in the Garden of Mesopotamia – Introduction to High Threat Protection Operations in Hostile Environments

A good friend brought my attention to a new book available on Amazon. The title is Infidels in the Garden of Mesopotamia - Introduction to High Threat Protection Operations in Hostile Environments. The book is written by Nathan Seabrook Nathan Seabrook is a former soldier, police officer and security contractor with over 12 years working on high threat protective details and security in hostile … [Read more...]

A Change for SecurityDriver.Com

SecurityDriver.Com (SD.C) is one of the oldest web sites in the security industry. For close to 20 years SD.C has been a source of information to the protective services industry. Soon we will be changing the SD.C format, and in a short while we will be introducing a new industry association accompanied by a new web site, more on that later. Many of the articles on SD.C will be removed, but for … [Read more...]


  iTriage was created by two ER doctors. It has some useful features such as: Finding the nearest emergency facility closest to your location Looking up symptoms, medications Comprehensive national directory of hospitals, urgent cares, pharmacies, physicians, outpatient clinics, and community health clinics This is not just an App for Security, EP, and Security Drivers etc. … [Read more...]