Attempted Kidnapping – Greek shipowner Ioannis Martinos.

Thanks to Deni Athena for posting this article This is an excerpt from an article published in a Greek Newspaper A car stopped behind Martinos’ vehicle as he was reversing away from the firm’s offices. At the same time, a minivan pulled up in front of him and two armed men got out. Martinos rammed the car behind him several times, and it ultimately caught fire, and he was able to reverse … [Read more...]

Lessons Learned from Two Assassination – by Scott Stewart of Stratfor

Again Stratfor is at the tip of the spear. They not only supply useful information but supply lessons learned that are invaluable. The most recent is Lebanon: Lessons from Two Assassinations | Stratfor As important as the data is the comment by the author Scott Stewart “This failure does not mean that protective security measures are useless in an environment such as Lebanon or fatalistically … [Read more...]

Surveillance Detection

History shows that Surveillance Detection is not only the best protection it may be your “only” protection, and the higher the risk the greater the need.  For a majority of the top 100 Fortune 500 companies this program is mandatory, in the security business that’s called a clue. TSVDI Surveillance Detection Program   … [Read more...]