The Victim Operated Improvised Explosives Device (VOIED)

Many of the Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) used in the United States involves a victim operated device. These devices have to have action by the victim to function, either by moving, lifting or opening the suspicious item/package. The bomber will exploited the victims’ “sense of curiosity” by placing the disguised IED inside common items, such as boxes, gift wrapped presents, flashlights, … [Read more...]

Vans – SUV’s – Armored Vehicles – and Training

Article By - Joe Autera - Larry Side - and Tony Scotti - Below is an article that appeared in the New York Times, it is about the danger of 15 passenger vans. Many years back we conducted training for a government agency that used 15 passenger vans as escort vehicles. They escorted 18 Wheel armored trucks. (A future article) The equipment they carried in the vans made them top heavy - a lot of … [Read more...]

Miscellaneous Ramblings of an Old Man Part Four

This all started a year and a half ago, as a platform to express my heightened sense of sarcasm (it happens when you get old). The Ramblings have taken on a life of their own, receiving many views and comments. Some of the comments have provoked lively discussions. This is the fourth set of ramblings. My Ramblings A quote from Theoretical Physicists Steve Hawkings - The greatest enemy of … [Read more...]

Lessons Learned from Two Assassination – by Scott Stewart of Stratfor

Again Stratfor is at the tip of the spear. They not only supply useful information but supply lessons learned that are invaluable. The most recent is Lebanon: Lessons from Two Assassinations | Stratfor As important as the data is the comment by the author Scott Stewart “This failure does not mean that protective security measures are useless in an environment such as Lebanon or fatalistically … [Read more...]

Experts? – by Frank Gallagher

From the “Word IQ definition”: An expert is someone widely recognized as a reliable source of knowledge or skill whose judgment is accorded authority and status by the public or their peers. Experts have prolonged or intense experience, practice or education in a particular field that goes significantly beyond any general or shallow appreciation. The concept is debated within the field of … [Read more...]