A List of Books Authored by ISDA Members

  ISDA is an acronym for the International Security Driver Association although concentrating on secure transportation ISDA membership is of value to all in the protective services profession. Here is a list of books authored by ISDA members. The Bremer Detail: Protecting the Most Threatened Man in the World By Frank Gallagher Left of Bang a book … [Read more...]

Training – Certification and Experience

Two topics of discussions that dominate social media, both in the U.S. and abroad are certification and the state of training in the protection industry. In reality, the two subjects cannot be separated. IMHO – The job market wants, and will support, a certification that meets standards set by respected industry and government organizations. Those who supply job opportunities … [Read more...]

Challenges of Driver Training Programs in Southern Sudan

ISDA Advisory Board Member, Glen Edmunds , spent five months on assignment in Juba Sudan conducting driver-training. His Company Glen Edmunds Performance Driving School  designed the program specifically the SPLA (Sudanese Peoples Liberation Army). The training was conducted on behalf of Dyncorp International. This is an article that Glen and Kim Edmunds wrote for Car Nation … [Read more...]

So you want to be a bodyguard? – By Dave Marris

I have been pounded recently by requests from Facebook, and a couple of other sources, by requests from various people wanting to know how they can become involved in the world of protection/security. Most are looking for that "silver bullet" that will rocket them to the top of the EP world in one fell swoop. I try constantly to educate them that this short cut is very, very … [Read more...]

Vans – SUV’s – Armored Vehicles – and Training

Article By - Joe Autera - Larry Side - and Tony Scotti - Below is an article that appeared in the New York Times, it is about the danger of 15 passenger vans. Many years back we conducted training for a government agency that used 15 passenger vans as escort vehicles. They escorted 18 Wheel armored trucks. (A future article) The equipment they carried in the vans made them top … [Read more...]