A Collection of Recent Vehicle Attacks

SecurityDriver.Com (SD.C) is one of the oldest web sites in the security industry. For close to 20 years SD.C has been a source of information for the protective services industry. In a short while we will be changing the SD.C format. Many of the articles on SD.C will be removed, but for now this is a collection of various Vehicle Attack scenarios. The articles are old and some of the articles are … [Read more...]

A First Person Account of a Vehicle Ambush – by Frank Gallagher

On December 6 of 2003 Ambassador L. Paul Bremer, the presidential envoy, who had been chosen to oversee the rebuilding of Iraq was ambushed in his vehicle. This is a first person account of the attack told by the person who was responsible for his protection December 6, 2003 As Ambassador Bremer came out of his meeting with Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld and Abdul Aziz Hakim (head of the … [Read more...]

Another Vehicle Attack

Another vehicle attack - One might get the impression that driving in a vehicle is a security problem - wow. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-23846677 These are two old articles that are on the Security Driver Web Site http://securitydriver.com/11/the-85-rule/ http://securitydriver.com/12/the-85-rule-part-two/ … [Read more...]

Miscellaneous Ramblings of an Old Man Part Four

This all started a year and a half ago, as a platform to express my heightened sense of sarcasm (it happens when you get old). The Ramblings have taken on a life of their own, receiving many views and comments. Some of the comments have provoked lively discussions. This is the fourth set of ramblings. My Ramblings A quote from Theoretical Physicists Steve Hawkings - The greatest enemy of … [Read more...]


The recent attack on US Embassy personnel in Mexico provides a unique lessons learned from an incident where all survived. These are our thoughts and lessons learned from the incident Basics Although the Embassy personnel found themselves in a bad scenario (in the kill zone) the combination of a skilled driver and armored vehicle saved their lives. The armored vehicle did its job, absorbed the … [Read more...]