TBT- The Scotti School Newsletter for the Protective Services Community

Starting in the mid 80’s the Scotti School published a quarterly newsletter for the Protective Services Community. They were hard copies distributed the old fashion way – US mail. Over the years the newsletter morphed into the ISDA Pulse. ISDA is an acronym for the International Security Driver Association. Although concentrating on secure transportation the newsletter is of value to all in the … [Read more...]

Exposing your client to IRS Audits and Tax Penalties is not a good career move- An Article

The social media has no shortage of advice. The wrong advice concerning Security Driving and/or Secure Transportation services can lead you into substantial legal problem. Those two services - Security Driving and/or Secure Transportation are regulated by the IRS. - An explanation - If you are a company or an individual marketing and/or supplying “Security Drivers” or “Secure Transportation” I … [Read more...]

The Protective Services Business Calls Many – But Chooses Few

I took some liberties with the articles title - the phrase is a comment made at a conference - not an EP conference, a Photographers conference; I substitute the word “Photographer” with the words “Protective Services”. This article will take you to a Blog which will lead you to a video, which will explain the phrase. Watching the video will require some time and thought. At the end of the … [Read more...]

Lessons Learned from Two Assassination – by Scott Stewart of Stratfor

Again Stratfor is at the tip of the spear. They not only supply useful information but supply lessons learned that are invaluable. The most recent is Lebanon: Lessons from Two Assassinations | Stratfor As important as the data is the comment by the author Scott Stewart “This failure does not mean that protective security measures are useless in an environment such as Lebanon or fatalistically … [Read more...]

For those looking for work – an article on Motivation – By Bill Peeler

Like most of my friends Bill is an old one - his Bio is at the end of the article I wanted to take a moment and point out something for the new and old alike that are looking for work in the security industry. If you have properly prepared for your journey in to this field you most likely have paid large sums of money for training, equipment, travel and all the best seller books available, this … [Read more...]