Old Friends and EP Conferences

A few weeks back I had dinner with two of my favorite people Mike and Marsha Nossaman. Mike is a member of the top secret Quarter Century Club (QCC), which consist of people that I have known for more than 25 years. It’s top secret because most of us are so old we forget we are in it - but I digress. What most people don’t realize is that Mike created the foundation of the … [Read more...]

EP & Security Driver Job Opportunities Part 2

An EP training program should be teaching you how to curate jobs, to do so would take no longer than an hour.  It is your money, spend it wisely. These are EP/Security Driver job opportunities that can be sent to your in box every day - as many as 15 to 25 a day. But there is a caveat - these pesky people that supply jobs ask that the applicant have experience, they also supply … [Read more...]

TBT- The Scotti School Newsletter for the Protective Services Community

Starting in the mid 80’s the Scotti School published a quarterly newsletter for the Protective Services Community. They were hard copies distributed the old fashion way – US mail. Over the years the newsletter morphed into the ISDA Pulse. ISDA is an acronym for the International Security Driver Association. Although concentrating on secure transportation the newsletter is of … [Read more...]

EP and Security Driver Job Opportunities

EP and  Security Driver Jobs - Nine job opportunities in one day with 20 minutes of my time. Finding jobs is not hard, having the skills, experience and knowledge to qualify for the job is the problem. If you are looking for a job, whether it's to get your foot in the door, or taking your career to the next level, the only person who can find the right job for you - is you. … [Read more...]

Finding Work as a Close Protection Specialist (Bodyguard)

Is a free comprehensive manual put together by old friend Robin Barratt. Robin was kind enough to ask me to contribute two articles for the manual. Security Driving and Secure Transportation and my favorite, Certification and Experience Robin has also published “How To Find Work as a Close Protection Specialist 2014–15 Directory”. It is a listof 1000 service providers, … [Read more...]