He’s Got Your Back: How a Protection Specialist Keeps Clients Safe

A great article in the Wall Street Journal featuring good friend and associate Mark Fair There seems to be an abundance of negative press. When they appear, the articles are posted on many of the Social Media Bodyguard/EP sites, accompanied by hundreds of woe is us comments, of how the negative article is “hurting the profession”. IMHO that comment may be true depending on what “profession” you … [Read more...]

A New Book – Infidels in the Garden of Mesopotamia – Introduction to High Threat Protection Operations in Hostile Environments

A good friend brought my attention to a new book available on Amazon. The title is Infidels in the Garden of Mesopotamia - Introduction to High Threat Protection Operations in Hostile Environments. The book is written by Nathan Seabrook Nathan Seabrook is a former soldier, police officer and security contractor with over 12 years working on high threat protective details and security in hostile … [Read more...]

Secure Transportation News – Executive Vehicles – Cost of Motorcades – BMW X5 Armored Vehicles

Some cars are meant to be driven, and others are meant to be driven in. There is a segment of the Secure Transportation Market where the vehicles rear seat amenities are important, for that group, a collection of vehicles http://editorial.autos.msn.com/best-backseat-drivers#3 The cost of Motorcades via the Honolulu Police … [Read more...]

A Day In The Life of an Executive Protection Agent – By Christian West

A great article by Christian West of AS Solution A day in the life of and EXCUTIVE PROTECTION AGENT (2) finish verion PDF Christian’s and his company, AS Solutions, is another one of those quiet professionals. They go about their business in a professional manner - employing hundreds of EP practitioners in the process. As important is their willingness to share their experience for the … [Read more...]

Exposing your client to IRS Audits and Tax Penalties is not a good career move- An Article

The social media has no shortage of advice. The wrong advice concerning Security Driving and/or Secure Transportation services can lead you into substantial legal problem. Those two services - Security Driving and/or Secure Transportation are regulated by the IRS. - An explanation - If you are a company or an individual marketing and/or supplying “Security Drivers” or “Secure Transportation” I … [Read more...]