Training To A Certificate – Certification – And ASIS

I have been receiving email messages and phone calls concerning the upcoming ASIS Two Day EP Program. My guess is because I am Board Member of The American Board for Certification in Dignitary and Executive Protection (ABCDEP) Folks feel that I should know that ASIS is now offering a certification in EP. Except the ASIS Two Day EP Program IS NOT offering a CERTIFICATION they are offering a … [Read more...]


This is an old booklet, written in the late 80’s by Tony Scotti on how to avoid vehicle attacks, specifically carjacking. The book was written when carjackings were prevalent. It was written as a marketing tool for a company that made shatter proof glass. It covers the ingredients necessary for a successful ambush, and what a driver can do to mitigate vehicle violence.  It became popular with the … [Read more...]

Defining Expectations – Part One – By Mark Fair

Mark's Bio   - When defining expectations you will hear us and those like us discuss how “Mindset Is Key” that phrase it is not something that is a stand-alone module.  The phrase is making the critical point of the most important avenue of approach to what we do as sentinels.  It is a welcomed pervasiveness that spans operations, admin, and … [Read more...]

Escaping The Kill Zone – What Is Good?

By Joe Autera - Larry Side - Tony Scotti A while back we wrote a small article titled “You Can’t Be Average”; the article got a great deal of response, and one of the most asked questions was - OK, when talking about driving and Escaping The Kill Zone, (ETKZ) if not “Average” then  “What is good”. To answer the question we go to the data VDI collects to test their vehicles and produce … [Read more...]

Security Driver Magazine 2nd Issue

The Magazine is for those who supply Secure Transportation. This issue has articles by Joe Autera - Frank Gallagher - Glen Edmonds - Larry Snow - and me (Tony Scotti). There are a total of six articles - later magazines will have more content, with more features.  This is still a Beta test - any and all comments or questions are welcomed. We are opened, in fact welcome, others to write articles … [Read more...]