Security Driver Magazine (SDM) – The First 3 Issues

Moving forward Security Driver Magazine (SDM) will be the International Security Driver Association (ISDA) Journal for the Secure Transportation Professional. SDM is a Quarterly publication that addresses the issues that affect ISDA members. The Journal is free to all ISDA Members and will be available to non-members for a fee. The Magazine is sent to key decision makers in the Corporate, High … [Read more...]

He’s Got Your Back: How a Protection Specialist Keeps Clients Safe

A great article in the Wall Street Journal featuring good friend and associate Mark Fair There seems to be an abundance of negative press. When they appear, the articles are posted on many of the Social Media Bodyguard/EP sites, accompanied by hundreds of woe is us comments, of how the negative article is “hurting the profession”. IMHO that comment may be true depending on what “profession” you … [Read more...]

Leadership in Executive Protection

by Frank G. Gallagher What is leadership today? What has happened to the so called leaders of the industry? Who really makes the decisions that affects the lives of the people that we protect? Has the profession sold out? As a former Recon Marine, I make all decisions pertaining to the daily operations of any protection detail predicated upon two principles: 1.  Accomplish the mission. 2.  … [Read more...]

A New Book – Infidels in the Garden of Mesopotamia – Introduction to High Threat Protection Operations in Hostile Environments

A good friend brought my attention to a new book available on Amazon. The title is Infidels in the Garden of Mesopotamia - Introduction to High Threat Protection Operations in Hostile Environments. The book is written by Nathan Seabrook Nathan Seabrook is a former soldier, police officer and security contractor with over 12 years working on high threat protective details and security in hostile … [Read more...]

Females in the Protection Profession

Recently some comments posted in the Social Media post/blogs got my attention. The comments were about females in the industry. Contrary to popular belief, females in the protection industry are not new. For decades there have been, and are, EP practitioners who happen to be female quietly doing their job. Confidentiality does not permit me to mention the names of the many ladies that serve the … [Read more...]