My Top 3 Armored Vehicles

On the Security Driver and Training Facebook Group I posted an article that appeared in a magazine titled “The 3 Best armored cars” I commented “This is what happens when a Journalist writes about armored cars?, and mentioned that I don’t agree with the writer. The article One of the Group members asked “what would be my … [Read more...]

Year in Review Part 2 – Surveillance Detection Articles

The high end market understands the criticality of Surveillance Detection (SD), they understand that in many of the environments they work in surveillance detection is not just the best protection; it may be the only protection. Also SD is not new - contrary to some beliefs the Personal Protection industry did not start on Sept. 11 2001. These are a series of articles by practitioners Joe Autera, … [Read more...]


This is an old booklet, written in the late 80’s by Tony Scotti on how to avoid vehicle attacks, specifically carjacking. The book was written when carjackings were prevalent. It was written as a marketing tool for a company that made shatter proof glass. It covers the ingredients necessary for a successful ambush, and what a driver can do to mitigate vehicle violence.  It became popular with the … [Read more...]

You’re the driving guys

A comment we hear often. But it is not what we (VDI) hear from our clients. In fact we conduct as many, and in some years, more custom training programs than we do our standard Protective Driving Programs. Due to the security conditions around the globe these custom programs are in high demand. These programs are designed to train EP personnel in the skills needed to keep their executives and … [Read more...]

Mission Oriented Driving Skills (MODS) – Part 2

This is a picture of an 18 Wheel Armored Truck  going through a lane change exercise, and a picture of a MATV doing the same. Over the years these are two of the many Mission Oriented Driving Skills (MODS) Programs we, Vehicle Dynamics Institute have conducted. The programs focus on providing driving skills specific to vehicle borne special operations teams. The training process is rather simple - … [Read more...]