The Protective Services Business Calls Many – But Chooses Few

I took some liberties with the articles title - the phrase is a comment made at a conference - not an EP conference, a Photographers conference; I substitute the word “Photographer” with the words “Protective Services”. This article will take you to a Blog which will lead you to a video, which will explain the phrase. Watching the video will require some time and thought. At … [Read more...]

Mission Oriented Driving Skills (MODS) – Driving Into The Kill Zone

We recently conducted a program for a group of law enforcement officers whose mission requires them, on a regular basis, to drive into the kill zone. This is a scenario the security community may find unusual. But there are SWAT Teams all over the world whose job requires them on a regular basis to drive into the kill zone.  This scenario is a classic example of a group whose … [Read more...]