The definition of busy

2, 8, 41 (3, 2, 1, 8 [4], 3) 4, 2, 13...Driving the Math with VDI I share this not to brag about VDI (well maybe a little bragging) but rather to make a point - While others put up posts about what they are GOING TO DO - VDI puts up a post about WHAT THEY DID. Those who have been to our courses know the phrase "driving the math" all too well. Here's a look at what that phrase means to the … [Read more...]

The Protective Services Business Calls Many – But Chooses Few

I took some liberties with the articles title - the phrase is a comment made at a conference - not an EP conference, a Photographers conference; I substitute the word “Photographer” with the words “Protective Services”. This article will take you to a Blog which will lead you to a video, which will explain the phrase. Watching the video will require some time and thought. At the end of the … [Read more...]

The Book – Carlos Marighella’s Mini-Manual of The Urban Guerilla

This article has been removed from the Security Driver web site. The article is available in the Resource Center located on the International Security Driver Association (ISDA) web site. The Resource Center is a fee based password protected area and is the gateway to the industry’s largest collection of educational information and resources for the Security Driver - Secure Transportation - and … [Read more...]

Mission Oriented Driving Skills (MODS) – Driving Into The Kill Zone

We recently conducted a program for a group of law enforcement officers whose mission requires them, on a regular basis, to drive into the kill zone. This is a scenario the security community may find unusual. But there are SWAT Teams all over the world whose job requires them on a regular basis to drive into the kill zone.  This scenario is a classic example of a group whose mission does not fit … [Read more...]