Coming Soon – A Security Driver/ Secure Transportation Association

Why the association and why now? The time has come for those who supply Security Driving and Secure Transportation to be recognized for the accomplishments and contributions they have made to the profession, and to the safety and security of their clients. The importance of Security Driving and Secure Transportation has been well documented. Most events that have shaped the industry and … [Read more...]

A Collection of Recent Vehicle Attacks

SecurityDriver.Com (SD.C) is one of the oldest web sites in the security industry. For close to 20 years SD.C has been a source of information for the protective services industry. In a short while we will be changing the SD.C format. Many of the articles on SD.C will be removed, but for now this is a collection of various Vehicle Attack scenarios. The articles are old and some of the articles are … [Read more...]

Year in Review Part 2 – Surveillance Detection Articles

The high end market understands the criticality of Surveillance Detection (SD), they understand that in many of the environments they work in surveillance detection is not just the best protection; it may be the only protection. Also SD is not new - contrary to some beliefs the Personal Protection industry did not start on Sept. 11 2001. These are a series of articles by practitioners Joe Autera, … [Read more...]

The VDI 2014 Training Schedule

The Schedule We (VDI) are coming off of a great year, and 2014 will be better. This is a sample of two weeks at VDI time span. … [Read more...]

Attempted Kidnapping – Greek shipowner Ioannis Martinos.

Thanks to Deni Athena for posting this article This is an excerpt from an article published in a Greek Newspaper A car stopped behind Martinos’ vehicle as he was reversing away from the firm’s offices. At the same time, a minivan pulled up in front of him and two armed men got out. Martinos rammed the car behind him several times, and it ultimately caught fire, and he was able to reverse … [Read more...]