Congratulations to ISDA and QCC member Mark Quinn

0056748In August 2015, Mark graduated from the US Army Sergeants Major Academy, and recently Mark was notified that he was selected for the Command Sergeants Major Designee List, which means he is  eligible for promotion to CSM.

Mark is the USAR First Sergeant for the US Army Element, Special Operations Command- Pacific, (SOCPAC), SOCPAC is a joint Theater Special Operation Command (TSOC).  SOCPAC  has oversight of the Asian-Pacific Archipelago, Far East, New Zealand, and Australia, basically anything in the pacific rim. He is a reservist assigned to an active duty unit and assists the active duty First Sergeant with his duties along with having oversight of all other reserve soldiers assigned to SOCPAC. He has held that position since OCT of 2012.

Mark is an old, very old friend. He is an ISDA and QCC member. I first met Mark in the mid 80’s when he was on the protective detail for Dr. Wang.  For those who don’t go back that far, Wang Laboratories was a Fortune 100 company with 33,000 employees and 3 Billion in revenue (1980 dollars). For the early 80’s Dr. Wangs detail was high end. Mark was involved in all those “new processes”  that you see in the Social Media, conducting advances, route surveys, surveillance detection, gathering protective intelligence, you know all the new stuff. The detail was run by another old friend and QCC member Ed Mastrocola. Anyone who went the early Scotti Schools will remember Ed.  Mark is now with the DuCalls Group