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Larry Snow with your security driver news podcast for Wednesday April 11th 2018.

ISDA curates job opportunities for its members while doing that we came across one that had the title of –   Driver/Handyman/Security Professional.

Taking a look at the Primary Duties of the job it states that the applicant needs to have the skill, knowledge, and experience to supply Secure transportation. Which as we have mentioned many times is a phrase that is defined by the Internal Revenue Service. Also, note that this same person has to be a Handyman – yes a Handyman. Really!!!

The phrase Secure Transportation in any job opportunity needs to be used with caution. From an article on the ISDA website –

If the secure transportation supplied does not meet the IRS Code, the cost of that transportation is considered a perk to the executive. As a perk, the executive will be required to pay tax on the amount of the service. If this scenario continues over a period, the executive is personally responsible for the tax on the service, the interest, and penalties, which can be a considerably large sum of money, also consider that if the company has a K&R policy, they also have a requirement of Secure Transportation.

In this case, the principal may not look at the transportation as a tax write off.  But we surmise since this job is coming from a hiring agency, which has no clue what they are looking for. There is no list of skills or experience or necessary qualifications listed.

What we guess will happen is that they will find a Handyman and make him the driver/security person.

This is the complete job offer in case someone wants to apply.

Driver/Handyman/Security Professional


Palo Alto, CA, US

Primary Duties:


Safe and secure transportation of Principal(s).

Service oriented and attention to detail.

Maintain vehicle cleanliness: interior and exterior, hand washing on site.

Maintain vehicle readiness: fuel, tire pressure, service records, etc.

Prepare and maintain vehicle checklist, pre-/ post-use.

Prepare/maintain Principal’s comfort items in the vehicles: water, tissues, umbrellas, etc.


Duties Secondary to Driving:

  • Property perimeter check, noting details in Daily Activity Report.
  • Vendor supervision.
  • Respond to gate calls.
  • Log in packages and inspect for potential hazards.
  • Confident manage emergencies
  • Certified AED / CPR / First Aid a plus


Perform physical, hands-on tasks and repairs, i.e., carpentry, electrical, plumbing, paintings, and general facility repairs.

Able to multitask and prioritize duties.

Familiarity with household systems a real plus.

Running light errands as needed.

Pick up or ship packages.

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