Princess Diana’s Longtime Bodyguard Reveals Who He Blames for Her Death

A while back I got this message from ISDA Member Glen Edmunds

From Glen:

“An interesting read and a lot can be learned from “reading between the lines” a classic case of “spiraling negatives” and how one negative put on another starts to build into a classic cluster and leads to a disaster. El Fayad used an untrained security driver but worse the driver allowed himself to be dictated to by his principals as to the route to take, exit to use, speed, and not wanting to put on seatbelts. (An interesting fact is that the only survivor was the person wearing a seat belt)

I drove Sir Richard Branson once who chastised me for insisting he wears a seat belt. But I assured him I would not move the vehicle until he his wife and manager were safely buckled up. When quizzed later by the team leader and explained, the team leader respectfully had a word with R.B. I later received an apology My top that trip was a year’s 1st class travel on Virgin Atlantic. But more importantly for me, I would never be known as the security driver that hurt (or worse) one Sir Richard Branson.

P.s. I continued to drive for him in Kenya. A takeaway here is being able to recognize and reverse a situation when it’s starting to become a downward spiral of errors.”

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Reference an article from GoodhouseKeeping.Com

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