For those looking for work – an article on Motivation – By Bill Peeler

Like most of my friends Bill is an old one – his Bio is at the end of the article

I wanted to take a moment and point out something for the new and old alike that are looking for work in the security industry.

If you have properly prepared for your journey in to this field you most likely have paid large sums of money for training, equipment, travel and all the best seller books available, this is your “investment” in addition to time. Now, if you are like me, we have a higher calling that we need to answer to, mine is called “Tina,” who will want to know what kind of return can be expected on your investment, if any.

Now, you are set – go-bag is packed, telephone is charged and your ready to leap to answer that call that will come in any day… ok so the call hasn’t come “yet” and you still need to put food on the table and don’t forget that “higher calling” you will need to answer to, so you fill your time with “outside” work to pay the bills. You realize that, “hey maybe that phone won’t ring on it’s own.” I need to strengthen my network and get out and bout so I can make some contacts.

Careful here is where it gets tricky – now you are occupied by the “outside” work you needed to take on and guess what? Because of all your hard work in networking the telephone call comes in and you are like “oh s—t” (you will actually say that) “what am I going to do,” I have this other “outside” work to do and now I have an offer. So as with many others you will weigh your options by asking the security company offering the work, “where do I have to be, how much will I make, when will I get paid, can you give me more details?” or conversely you are so excited to have an offer you say “yes! I will take it!” then you are sent the details – pay rate, location, expected duration, and other required information, to find out that the pay rate is less then you are making at your “outside” work and the duration is going to bring you in to your spouses birthday. So now you call the company making the offer back and rescind your previous commitment to take the job.

So here is the Motivation of My Story that I hope helps someone out –

  • You have to have the tenacity to survive in this business;
  • You need to determine what you are really willing to give up to be able to do what you setout to do;
    Business owners/clients do not need to hear the minutiae of why or why not you can take a job;
  • If you make yourself available for work you better take the work you are given, at least if you want to remain on the list of those who have the work;
  • When work is offered by written communication or voicemail message, listen to all the requirements of what is offered;
    • Be sure you comprehend what is offered and respond with the requested information period;
    • Do not embellish the information you provide because of your own fruition get to the pointed answers requested;

So what should you know during the communication of an offer? If not already offered, it is generally acceptable to ask:

– Location
– When
– Pay rate
– Estimated Job Length
– Per Diems Offered
– Will Additional Information Be Forwarded and How

The remainder of the details should be provided in written form, it also does not hurt to have all the promises in written form, so you will have no misunderstandings occur.
It is ok if you are not available to accept in whole or part, an assignment, just know that the nature of the beast of this business forces decision makers to push you down on the call list if this reoccurs frequently.

Understand, once you say “yes,” hell or high water you better follow-through with your commitment because you, in this case, may very well be removed from someone’s call list if you do not follow-through with your commitment.

Do yourself and everyone involved a favor – if you are not available any longer notify people who have you on a call-up list that you need to be removed, and by all means do not state on the various networking sites that you are available for work when you know you are not. This is often the case when you want to get your name out their but guess what? Your name will be out their as the guy/gal that was not true to a statement made – as many times we all share information on who has worked out and who has not.

As you have probably learned, this is a business that does not know your personal schedule, and you will have to decide what you are willing to give up and what you are not. As with everything I am sharing, I know this all too well… working for another agency on a sub-detail my mother was place on life support during my travels and I had to stay to fill my commitment so that’s what I set out to do –fortunately for me the prime agency replaced me and I was on a redeye that night to get home. This is not always an option depending on where you are and the demands of the assignment. So if you are on a detail and decide you wish to go home for a birthday – well let’s say if it was not pre-planned you are going to be held to your commitment – its not me it’s the nature of what we do.

I hope this has helped someone – and brings to light the seriousness of what we do – good luck to you.

 About Bill Peeler

 For nearly 28 years Bill Peeler has provided training, protection and investigation services and currently is the President & CEO of Peeler Group International, a subsidiary of The Peeler Group, Inc. established in 1995.

From his experience in looking after three private families, entertainers as well as, business and government interests in North and South America, Middle East and Europe he continues to provide consultation s it is related to the security and investigation industry.

 Additionally, Bill is a former law enforcement officer, NYS Judge and a Law Enforcement Instructor as well as a Charter Member of ILEETA, NLA, ASIS and IACSP.

518.853.8837 – New York

407.443.0332 – Florida

[email protected]

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