Some advice from ISDA member Zachary Rugen about Personal Branding

Zach’s advice to help you expand your personal brand is this.

Do what you’re doing in this thread. Sounds simple enough, right? I’ll break down how I built my network when I first started, and how I continue to build my network daily.

‪1. Join the active groups on social media. If a group is posting quality content daily and has productive discussion threads, those are great places to start.

‪2. Read, watch, learn from those who matter. You have to understand who is who in this industry and read/watch what they say, do, don’t do, etc. Read & Learn from quality posts.

‪3. Let your work be your resume. When you work a detail, deliver. If you are valuable, companies will remember your name, and refer you to colleagues, companies, etc.

‪4. Occasionally post valuable content. I occasionally say, because some folks over post to try and sound/be relevant.

‪5. Refrain from arguments or measuring contests with others. We all get caught up in these, I know I have. Employers are watching these threads, and what you say may help or hurt you.

‪6. Attend relevant training courses, conferences, and seminars. These are great events to show your value, meet others face to face, and add contacts to your phone book.

‪These are just a few techniques that have helped me out over the years. They’re not perfect, but I hope they assist you in a direction. If you have any questions – my contact info.

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