November/December Edition of the Secure Transportation News

November - December edition of the secure transportation news

Road Training vs. Track Training?

An article from our old friend, and ISDA Member, Glen Edmunds. Road Training vs. Track Training? Which is better when it comes to saving lives? The article discusses the difference between on-the-road driver training and track training. Our (ISDA) opinion is that if you are a Security Driver, there is no question that track driving is mandatory. Read More

A Response to Glen’s Road Training vs. Track Training Article

Joe Autera, President and CEO of Vehicle Dynamics Institute, offered some of his own points to add to the conversation. Read More

Informative Articles

Significance of security drivers for executive protection!

An excerpt from the article – “There must be other individuals to carry out advanced surveillance tasks, even if it is the driver or agent taking the trip before time to figure out distinct escape routes to the locale, along with how they must get to the location without any potential danger.” Read More

Knowledge-based Books

With the holidays approaching, what better gift to give than knowledge-based books. 

The Executive Protection Specialist Handbook – by Jerry Glazebrook and Larry Nicholson is a perennial favorite handbook for executive protection professionals. 

 It has over 25 lists covering everything from Route Planning – Personality Cards – Pre Advance coordination – Airport Surveys – Restaurant Surveys – Hospital Surveys – Public appearances; all in all, it’s good information. Available for purchase at Varro Press.

The Trusted Advisor

If there is only one business book you read, this is itThe book outlines the steps necessary to create a lasting relationship with clients. The book is available for purchase through Amazon.

Winter Driving Tips

In 2020, there were an estimated 119,000 police-reported crashes that occurred in wintry conditions. Security Drivers are one of the chosen few required to drive in all sorts of weather conditions; snow is one of them. So, with the meteorological start of winter (Dec 1) and many cities already receiving a considerable amount of snow (i.e., Buffalo), here are a few links to informational-based articles on driving during the winter months.

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