ISDA Member Glen Edmunds and The Science of Driving

The Glen Edmunds Advanced Driving School is one of the few driver training programs that use the Science of Driving as their training model.

The Science of Driving

All driving scenarios, be it an accident or ambush, no matter how simple or complex, are exercises in the laws of physics. Using the Science of Driving is the key to measuring an individual driver’s capability behind the wheel; it’s the only way to objectively measure their driving skill.

Most training providers shy away from using the Science of Driving as a training tool because of the math it requires. This may well be because, for most people, their only exposure to the laws of physics is what they were taught in high school, where the subject is mired in books and often seems to have no practical value. For those who are mathematically challenged, once the theory is explained in an easily understandable manner, and it applies to something they enjoy doing – like driving and driver training — and they learn how to turn a classroom discussion into a hands-on practical exercise based on a real-world scenario, it is amazing how much sense all that math makes.

Glen Edmunds Advanced Driving School

This photo shows a group of the students, instructors from the Glen Edmunds Advanced Driving School, analyzing the data produced by the onboard computer (G Meter). In just a few days the students had gone from being intimidated by math to having the skill to solve the equations associated with the science of driving. The result is they can take any driving scenario, ambush or day to day emergency, and design exemplary driving exercises in which the driver’s capability to resolve the problem is objectively measured.

Isn’t that the essence of training, getting people to do what they didn’t think they could do.

In Glen’s words – “Its time profession driving instructors raised their standards and started measuring drivers. Saving lives has to be a measured priority rather than a guesstimate of the driver’s ability. “

ISDA Certification

Glen’s program fulfills one of the three requirements for the ISDA Certification process.

The process follows guidelines defined by credentialing organizations that are recognized in all other industries. The ISDA Driving Skill Standards are derived from decades of research conducted by the Society of Automotive Engineers, ISO, and NHTSA.

The certification process requires a test of knowledge and verification of skill combined with experience in the industry. The ISDA certification cannot be purchased; it must be earned.

The ISDA Certification is Not New

The certification process is not new to the profession. It is part of a 40-year tradition. During that time, the security community has sent their personnel to be certified by the ISDA process. In fact, it is the market that refers to the ISDA process as certification.

The ISDA certifications represent the classic business model of the market dictating the course of action. The certification is the next step in the evolution of the industry and was created to recognize the experience, skill, and knowledge of those who have made a commitment to their profession.

For more information on the ISDA Certification, please download this PDF document.

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