For over 20 years, SecurityDriver.Com (SDC) has been a source of information for the security community, specifically targeting those security professionals whose duties require them to supply safe and secure transportation for their executives and/or clients. Through two decades, SDC has become a source of information for those interested in Advanced Driving, Executive Protection, and the Business of Executive Protection. Viewers from all parts of the world have downloaded articles on driving, surveillance detection, and the business of executive protection.

SDC is managed by Tony Scotti. For nearly 50 years, Tony has catered to the training needs of industry and public service agencies. He has trained governments, corporations, law enforcement agencies, and military organizations to avoid vehicle violence. Going on five decades, his training programs have been conducted in over 33 countries, and he has trained students from sixty-four countries and conducted training programs on five continents.

SecurityDriver.Com also serves as a marketing tool for the International Security Driver Association, Inc.

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Tools, Resources, and Checklists for the Protection Professional

The International Security Driver Association Certification is not for everyone as member applicants must qualify for the certification. The certification process requires a test of knowledge and verification of skill combined with experience in the industry. 

What our Members have to say about the Association

“As I search for associations and other such organizations, I search for the desirable qualities and content relative to what I do as a security and investigations professional. Skipping to the point, I am a proud member of the International Security Driver Association. Peruse through the site and see for yourself. For those seeking flashy pictures and videos, guns blazing, hired muscle, “pay to be certified” type of garbage…you will be disappointed.” 

Joseph M. LaSorsa CPP®, LaSorsa & Associates –

“ISDA provides a wealth of industry related tools and supported skill sets that can only enhance individual members experience and aspirations. Of particular note are the Educational Centre, providing up to date data, online learning programs and in depth material, that enables the member to develop gained knowledge and commensurate marketability.” 

-Bart Szczepanski, Security/Executive Chauffeur –

Supporting the Checklist are 38 online and downloadable documents.