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cold weather tire pressures TPMS

Colder weather can trigger a vehicle’s tire-pressure-monitoring system overnight. At some point, almost everyone has seen the tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) warning light appear on the dashboard.
When TPMS is activated it means 25% less air in your tire which limits the capability of your car in an emergency.

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Episode 204 Runflats, Winter and Electric Vehicle Tires

when news about tires and how they affect the Security Driver and the Secure Transportation function comes into the Association’s network, our members and we feel that we need to make the community aware of this important news. So here are a few news items that have come out lately that we hope can assist you.

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What to Put in a First Aid Kit?

What does one exactly put in a first aid kit? A first aid kit can be as simple as a pair of latex gloves in a plastic bag and can go into a backpack. But to us, the first aid kit is a valuable asset to have in order to minimize the risk in any situation. We are going to list what can be included in a first aid kit, in order of importance, along with the use of the item within situations, activities, and constraints.

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