Business of Security

Open Source Intelligence Tools

Business of Security Podcast Episode #9

Business of Security podcast episode covering OSINT or Open Source Intelligence. Shared within the podcast are some tools and apps you can use to scrub the internet for data, and how to use these common tools to your advantage while you’re at the office or mobile.

The information provided has useful information that is very useful for the security practitioner to protect people, data, and property.


Social Media is a Waste of Time

by Larry Snow

It’s absolutely insanity to me that anyone can think that social media is a waste of time.  There are over a billion people on social media networks spending countless hours a week sharing, engaging, developing business leads, creating friendships, finding others that share your passion in whatever it is you do.

So then why do some people still feel and state that social media is a waste of time because they haven’t set goals or strategies in place to answer the why.