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What Is ISDA

The International Security Driver Association (ISDA) was established to serve the Security Driving, Secure Transportation and Protective Services community. ISDA fills a void as an association that represents the most important aspect of personal protection – security driving and secure transportation.

Although ISDA is new our network and market presence is unsurpassed in the industry. Our network includes over 300 Fortune companies, security personnel for high net worth families and various military and government agencies. The network numbers include over 3500 Security Practitioners all with an interest in Protective Services and Secure Transportation.


It is time for those that work in the industry to be recognized for their contribution they make to the safety and security of those they serve.

To Blow the Smoke away from the Mirror

Why ISDA was created

Because there is a problem, but before a problem can be fixed – we first have to recognize there is one.

The biggest problem in the profession is the illusion of knowledge. Unsuspecting individuals are trained in skills that have no market value. Social media is filled with complaints – ranging from certification, standards, to pay scales and unethical behavior.

The market is inundated with training providers. Social media is loaded with those that will get you employment. No one has a silver bullet to employment as there is none. No training, conference or association (including ISDA)

What ISDA Offers


Membership costs $75 per year,and there are no requirements to join, although we do recommend experience as a security driver, executive protection specialist or a security transportation provider to get the most out of the membership. The

Educational Benefits

The Resource Center provides a constant learning environment for ISDA members, with subjects specifically designed to increase knowledge and marketability. The center is the gateway to the largest collection of educational resources for secure-transportation and protection professionals. New information is added to the center frequently and disseminated via blog posts, recorded webinars, videos, and white papers.


The ISDA Webinars provide an ROI for their membership. They are free for ISDA members and offered at a fee to non members. Webinars don’t require travel related costs. They are convenient  as they can be viewed from the home, office or mobile. They have a long term value as most recorded webinars and materials are available long after the webinar. We are planning to host a virtual conference that will be free to members. The conference will include a virtual roundtable discussion that will be topic-specific.

ISDA White Papers

Although ISDA is new the concept is not. For more than 40 years those involved in ISDA have been constantly researching the profession. From that research they supply the community with White Papers, that over the years have become standards in the profession. These White Papers are free to members.

Upcoming ISDA papers include: “Executive Vehicle Assessment Guide,” “The Effect of Autonomous Vehicles on Secure Transportation,” “The 2015 Executive Vehicle Survey,” and “Security Driving/Secure Transportation Guidelines (Who is Driving Your Executive?)”


ISDA offers members an unprecedented connection to social media, and the ISDA Network. We have created a platform for members to use the most powerful and proven marketing tool available – word-of-mouth. Members can market their skills and services to more than 20,000 security practitioners.

ISDA supplies members with operational and business data that will explain the value and ROI of Secure transportation.

Publishing Assistance

Sharing knowledge is the most powerful marketing tool available. In the age of Social Media where many talk, but few do anything, ISDA assists its members to be the doer instead of the talker. The market is always seeking good articles, and by writing them, the author increases and enhances their brand awareness. Consider writing articles as a networking opportunity, a way to reach people.

But – many practitioners may be hesitant to write an article. In fact, we often hear, “I am not good at writing articles.” As part of your membership benefits, ISDA will supply you with the tools to help you become an author. Your membership dues include a free proofreading service. This service will review your article and create the best possible manuscript for publication. When the article is completed ISDA will publish your writing to the ISDA Network.

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The ISDA Book Give Away program

As part of the ISDA continuing education program  We ask our friends that are authors and publishers to donate books to the ISDA Members. This year ISDA gave away books valued at over $2000 for FREE to the members. This is a link to the Book Give Away Program.


Within the ISDA website, there is a private social network for members. Which includes forums where members can post text, videos, and images. The community also includes a  member profile page with, private messaging, and the capability to friend other members. Think of the community as a private Facebook for members.


The ISDA Certification is not for everyone; member applicants must qualify for certification. The certification process requires a test of knowledge and verification of skill combined with experience in the industry. The ISDA certification cannot be purchased; it must be earned.

Many of the training organizations misuse the word certification, most of the training offered in the industry is not certification, it is training to a certificate.  Although a training certificate is valuable, it is not a certification as defined by the credentialing organizations that are the standards in all other professions. The quality and legitimacy of a certification is determined by the standards used to govern the program.

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