The VDI Connection

Although the Tony Scotti name is associated with both the International Security Driver Association and the Vehicle Dynamics Institute (VDI), the International Security Driver Association is a separate entity from VDI. Tony Scotti is still active the founder of the Association.

The connection is through the Security Driver and Secure Transportation Certifications that are offered by the International Security Driver Association. The VDI training program complies with the certification process and guidelines as defined by credentialing organizations and standards that are recognized in all other industries.

VDI provides the Association with computer-generated documentation verifying that a student’s skill has been objectively tested and measured to a documented standard. The VDI test methodologies comply with the standards required for certification and set by the Society of Automotive Engineers, ISO, and NHTSA.

To complete the secure transportation certification process, VDI students need to document that they have a minimum of two years’ experience, take a knowledge test, and provide documentation of Red Cross first aid, CPR, and AED training.

Although the Association’s Certification and its connection to Vehicle Dynamics Institute are relatively new the concept is not. It is the classic business model of the market dictating the course of action. For more than 40 plus years the security community has (via the old Scotti School), and continues (via VDI) to send their security personnel to be certified by the Association’s process. It is the market that refers to the process as certification.