For more than two decades, the SecurityDriver.Com (SDC) website has become a source of information for those interested in Advanced Driving, Executive Protection, and the Business of Executive Protection. Viewers from all parts of the world have downloaded articles on driving, surveillance detection, and the business of executive protection.

SDC is managed by Tony Scotti. For nearly 50 years, Tony has catered to the training needs of industry and public service agencies. He has trained governments, corporations, law enforcement agencies, and military organizations to avoid vehicle violence. Going on five decades, his training programs have been conducted in over 33 countries, and he has trained students from sixty-four countries and conducted training programs on five continents.

SecurityDriver.Com also serves as a marketing tool for the International Security Driver Association, Inc.

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Supporting the Checklist are 38 online and downloadable documents.

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ISDA’s Security Driver Journal is your essential resource for continuing education and benchmark research, all designed to improve your skillset and advance your business.

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The Security Driver Journal is topic-specific. It will cover one subject related to the safe and secure transportation of the principal. It includes resources, references, and citations (i.e., “The Index”) to help the reader understand further on a particular topic. 

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The profession is continuously evolving. Executive vehicles are changing at an exponential rate. Strategic decision-making is a significant factor in mitigating risk. Sound decisions require timely and relevant information.

Looking at the “Road Ahead”

Starting in the 1980s with the Scotti School’s quarterly newsletter and now through the International Security Driver Association’s Security Driver Journal, we continually research the topics that affect our profession. The future will create unprecedented challenges, such as artificial intelligence and cybersecurity, for those responsible for their principals’ safe and secure transportation. Let the Journal be your beacon.

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