The objective of SecurityDriver.Com (SDC) is to create an exceptional learning environment for the viewer. The site was initially designed and developed for those security professionals whose duties require them to supply safe and secure transportation for their executives and/or clients. But over time, SDC content has proven to be a valuable resource for all those working in the protective services profession.

SecurityDriver.Com History

For more than 20 years SecurityDriver.Com (SDC) has been a valuable source of information for the security community. It is one of the oldest Security/EP websites on the internet.  Viewers from all aspects of the Protective Services Profession and all parts of the world have downloaded articles on driving, armored vehicles, surveillance detection, using Social Media to enhance your Brand, the business of security, news, and technology that affects the profession. Please visit our Article Section for the latest updates.

SDC is managed by Tony Scotti and Larry Snow. For more than 40 years Tony has catered to the training needs of industry and public service agencies. He has trained governments, corporations, law enforcement agencies and military organizations to avoid vehicle violence.


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Recent Content

The Top Vehicles Used for Secure Transportation

These are the results of a 2017 executive vehicle survey sent to Secure Transportation and Protective Services practitioners. A new survey will be available in 2019.Practitioners who participated in the survey represent over 300 Corporations, plus the High Net Worth, and Private Security communities. Their job titles are Director of Security, EP Managers, Security Drivers and EP Specialist. This survey is a reflection of those with a substantial amount of experience in the Protective Services/Secure Transportation Industry. The average years of experience of those that participated in the survey are 15 years.Keep in mind that the survey indicates vehicles that are most commonly used, not necessarily the best vehicles.

ISDA Training Directory

There is a core group of ISDA members who offer training. Their training programs cover EP, Protective Driving, Self-Defense, Firearms Instruction, Nightclub Security and Tactical/ pre-hospital medical instruction.

Myths About Engaging a Threat from a Motorcycle

The following video is from ISDA Member Mark James. It is an overview of Chapter 10 of Mark’s new book Defensive Handgun II. The video covers Bikes and Bullets and helps dispel some common myths about engaging a threat from your bike and understanding the tactical triad of cover, concealment, and distance within the context of your motorcycle.

From the Street to the Suite

I know many in the security industry are trying to move up or in some cases maybe move in and I hope my story gives you some insight into ideas on how to accomplish that or at least gives you a perspective of someone who was outside the EP industry that made it in.