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A Rare Win in Mexico - Government officials attack

According to Cop saves three government officials, “On February 2, a Veracruz State Police officer assigned to protect Acayucan district attorney Marisela Rojas, thwarted an assassination attempt by three gunmen in Villa de Oluta. Rojas, local Congresswoman Florencia Martínez, and an unnamed councilman were at El Delirio restaurant when the attack took place. The targeted attempt was believed to be related to an investigation by Ms. Rojas into a January 15 shooting that left two people dead at a bar in the city of Acayucan.

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In our experience, one of the few things that the most accomplished Security Drivers across the globe have in common is their mindset. Virtually all of them have the mindset that mitigating and managing their Principal’s safety and security risks take priority over all else, but not at the expense of everything else. Not unlike the Security Driver’s job itself, this professional mindset is both fairly simple and highly complex, all at the same time.

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What to Put in a First Aid Kit?

What does one exactly put in a first aid kit? A first aid kit can be as simple as a pair of latex gloves in a plastic bag and can go into a backpack. But to us, the first aid kit is a valuable asset to have in order to minimize the risk in any situation. We are going to list what can be included in a first aid kit, in order of importance, along with the use of the item within situations, activities, and constraints.

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2020 ISDA Training Survey Results Part 2

In this episode we are continuing with the results from the 2020 ISDA Training Survey.

The purpose of the Survey was to supply those looking to enter the profession and those who want to expand their education with data that assist with the decision-making process. Also, to help those who provide training to determine the best methods of reaching their potential audience.

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The Essence of Security Driving is Found in the Security Drivers Triangle.

The driver’s ability to avoid vehicle violence does not depend solely on their ability to control the vehicle. A driver is at the mercy of the environment and of the vehicle, they are driving.

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