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The Science of Winter Driving

I know it’s not winter yet, but the days and nights are getting cooler, and just a couple of weeks ago in the New England area had its first snow.

Winter will be here before you know it, so we felt it was the perfect opportunity to discuss Winter driving and secure transportation.

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Kill Zones and Line of Sight

kill zones and line of sight

We have all had the experience of driving on a major highway and running into stop and go traffic, the first thought you have is that there must be an accident just over the hill or around the bend. But when you get to the top of the hill or around the bend the traffic starts to flow and there is no accident – what caused the slowdown. Two things traffic volume and “line of sight”.

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For Security Drivers and Secure Transportation providers, Potholes are a matter of safety and inconvenience. But there are things that can be done before, during,…

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Surveillance Detection and Security Driving

A while back, I was asked to do lessons learned from a vehicle ambush. It was a two-car scenario with both cars taking some hits, but no injuries. The company wanted to know why these two drivers were able to drive out of this; these are their words not mine, with relative ease. A good surveillance detection program trains you to recognize pre-incident indicators and to identify danger zones.

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