Kidnap and Ransom

Every day, somewhere in the world there are kidnappings for ransom. They are such a common occurrence that for the most part they are unreported by the mainstream media.

In fact, each year, there are at least 15,000 to 20,000 kidnappings across the globe – and this number doesn’t include unreported incidents. According to some estimates, fewer than 20% of kidnappings are reported to authorities.Each year, kidnappers rake in an estimated $1.5 billion in ransom payments. 

For those that are required to travel the world, or have companies that have employees stationed throughout the globe who are working in high-risk environments,  the need for Kidnap and Ransom (K&R) insurance is an essential part of their operational planning.

Also consider the decision to use or hire Executive Protection Specialist, Security Drivers or Supply Secure Transportation many times are based on the terms of the client’s Kidnap and Ransom (K&R) insurance policy.

Common sense says that those who need and can purchase K&R insurance are the same people that need and use protective services. So, would it not make sense to review and read a publication and a website that focuses on that K&R aspect of the profession.

The magazine and website Safe Travels is devoted to the subjects of K&R, safe travel, and International Road Safety.

Safe Travels Magazine has a section covering Kidnap and Ransom. Today on that section they share an article entitled TRUE SCALE OF BITCOIN RANSOMWARE EXTORTION REVEALED and MAN KIDNAPPED IN NYC AS LAMBORGHINI DEAL TURNS BAD; TWO ARRESTED:

They also have a section that covers Road Safety and a job section with some interesting job postings

Included in this Flash Briefing is a Guide To Kidnap & Ransom Insurance Coverage from investopedia.Com

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