Take Control of Your Facebook Data

Larry Snow with your security driver news podcast for Thursday, April 12th, 2018.

In light of the latest Facebook data scandal, here are a few tips on what actions you can take to control your Facebook data.

All of these settings listed below can be accessed via mobile or desktop. On a desktop, click the down triangle on the upper right side of Facebook. From the drop-down menu that appears, click Settings.

Under the General Tab, at the very bottom, click the link that says Download a copy of your Facebook data. You may be surprised how much Facebook knows about you. You’ll be asked to verify your account a couple of times before getting the download link. 

Under the Security Login tab Ensure that the devices logged in to your account are yours, set up two-factor authentication – which sets up an extra layer of security – opt in to get alerts on unrecognized logins.

Under Face Recognition

Facebook’s use of facial recognition certainly isn’t new. Up until now, the only way you could control it was by limiting who could tag you in a post. Over the last few weeks, however, you may have received a pop up on your profile from Facebook, under the heading of safety, asking if it is OK to facially recognize you. Basically, you have the option to opt-out of facial recognition.This Yes/No question is the result of ongoing litigation.

Apps sectionReview what apps are connected to your Facebook profile. If there are apps listed there that you no longer use, then delete them by clicking the X. If there are apps that you need, then review what data Facebook and the app are capturing by clicking the pencil icon. On the window that appears, uncheck the data you don’t want to be shared. Please note that when you do this, some of these apps may not work properly.

For information on taking control of your Facebook data click here.

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