Who is Driving Your Executive?

Larry Snow with your security driver news flash briefing for Monday, April 10th 2018.

Hertz Asia Launches Hertz Chauffeur Website

Hertz Chauffeur is now available from www.hertzchauffeur.com for bookings in Brunei, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Philippines, South Korea, Singapore, Sri Lanka and Thailand.

Eoin MacNeill, Vice President, Hertz Asia Pacific, said:

“The launch of the Hertz Chauffeur website for travelers visiting Asia strengthens Hertz’s comprehensive range of transport solutions, to suit the evolving needs of all our customers.

Mr. MacNeill goes on to say “We see Hertz Chauffeur benefitting corporate and leisure travelers seeking the comfort and ease of a personal chauffeur. The service will especially appeal to customers who, due to local legislation, are not permitted to drive in China and those who simply want to enjoy extra peace of mind when traveling to any of the countries where the service is available.”

The new website allows customers to book a vehicle with a driver in four simple steps, receive an email confirmation with booking details, and easily create, manage and edit their own itineraries.

Renting chauffeurs, and ride-hailing companies like Uber and even Taxi services brings up an interesting point about who is driving your executives and staff.

Considering that one of the leading causes of death in the United States is car accidents, why do we put so much faith in a complete stranger to take us from point A to point B?

There are huge implications and risks some that have come to bear with Uber drivers kidnapping, robbing and sexually assaulting riders.

In a security setting, there are in most cases, security drivers. These drivers do much more than just drive from point A to point B. Security drivers must have the skill and knowledge to move a principal from point A to point B in a safe and secure manner in a variety of environments. In fact, Security Driving is better called Secure Transportation which includes an in-depth knowledge, and a measured level of skill to conduct route surveys; recognize and develop safe havens – alternate route plans, and develop emergency evacuation plans, along with emergency medical and surveillance detection skills.

Why these skills? There is a simple explanation – statistics have indicated that the overwhelming majority of security incidents involving corporate executives – and high-profile individuals, including government and military, have occurred while the targeted individual was in or around their vehicle. Therefore, in the educated market of protective services history and common-sense dictates security practitioners address the incidents that have the highest probability of occurrence – which is traveling by vehicle.

So, the next time your executive is traveling in the US or more particularly overseas, ask the question who is driving your executive?

Who do you want to drive your executive?  A professional who has been measured to an objective and documented standard that has been scientifically measured or a driver who was hired a few days before your trip through Facebook or worse yet on Craigslist.


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