Who Says They Work at Your Company on Facebook?

Monitoring your brand to look for who is actually working for your business on Facebook.

Using the Facebook search you can enter the phrase People who work at “your company” and the results may surprise you.

For example, People who work at International Security Driver Association.

According to Facebook, there are 42 people who say they work at the ISDA, but they don’t.

Facebook doesn’t really care what anyone puts in for places of work.

If you put that in perspective, let’s say these people are going for a job role, a job position and where a recruiter is coming by their profile and looking at this information and saying on the preface that this person actually works at that place.

Now they could do the extra step and say, and call up that business and say does this person actually have worked here or currently works here? And then you could say no, I never heard of this guy. But up until that point, this person might be getting jobs based on their Facebook profiles.

In this case, these folks are using our business to their advantage, presumably, on the preface.

The next question you might ask is – what can you do about it? Well, according to Facebook, “this feature preventing someone from posting that they work for a company is currently not available.”

In our eyes, this is a big deal and we suggest to not take this lightly.

Conduct an audit and verify that they actually are working at your company. Smaller companies may have an easier time just based on the lower numbers of actual employees to verify.

The only recourse you have at this point is to actually contact these people and say hey, stop putting in my company for places where you work. We here at the ISDA have tried that approach to no avail.

So, always be monitoring your business and brand especially on Facebook. 

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