GUARDIAN – Life in the Crosshairs of the CIA’s War on Terror

ISDA member Tom Pecora’s Book “GUARDIAN – Life in the Crosshairs of the CIA’s War on Terror” is available for purchase. It has taken more than 3 years to get this story past the CIA’s Publication Review Board, and it contains stories never before shared with the public about the work of the Protective Operations Cadre and other security professionals who protect CIA personnel in the harshest locations on earth.

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This is Tony Scotti’s review of the book:

“Tom’s book takes the reader through Tom’s twenty-four years of experience working in protective operations, counterterrorism, along with conducting security training programs in high-risk locations such as Mogadishu, Sudan, Bosnia, Philippines, and Iraq.

Although not intended to be a Protective Services Training Manual, Tom’s book supplies more educational content than most books that are meant to be training manuals. After more than forty plus years providing Protective Driving services, I was especially impressed with Tom’s discussion of how he and his team escaped a vehicle ambush in Mogadishu. Along with ‘Getting Off The X,’ Tom discusses the process used to get a severely wounded comrade back to safety. The end result is saving the individual’s life. This event is only one of the many real-life learning experiences that present the reader with invaluable lessons learned.

The book not only discusses the operational aspects of his career, but Tom also covers the seldom talked about the toll that these professions can take on your personal life. He concludes his book with an outstanding discussion on the sorely needed topic of leadership in protective services operations, which in itself is worth reading the book.

You will not find many books that cover the topics and lessons learned from the experiences presented in Tom’s book, simply because few people on this planet have experienced these events and are willing to share their knowledge.”


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