Liege shooting: Two Police Officers and Civilian Dead in Belgium

Larry Snow with the Secure Transportation and Executive Protection News podcast for Tuesday, May 29th, 2018.

In Vehicle News

From USA Today

Tesla, Uber crashes spotlight automatic emergency braking. Here’s what it won’t do.

From the article:

One of the most common semi-autonomous driving features added to cars these days is automatic emergency braking. 

What can it do — and what shouldn’t a driver expect it to handle?

Using a combination of radar and cameras that scan the road ahead, automatic emergency braking, or AEB for short, is designed to automatically initiate braking when it senses an obstacle and, in some cases and scenarios, will bring the car to a full stop. 

The key phrase being: in some cases and some scenarios.

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In Technology News

From Digital Trends

A.I. scans social media to predict when protests will turn violent

From the article:

With all the hostility on social media, it may sound oxymoronic to say that social media platforms could curb violence.

But studies have shown it could help fight wildlife poaching, and now new research from a new study out of the University of Southern California (USC) suggests social media may help avoid violence between humans as well.

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And from the New York Times

F.B.I.’s Urgent Request: Reboot Your Router to Stop Russia-Linked Malware

Hoping to thwart a sophisticated malware system linked to Russia that has infected hundreds of thousands of internet routers, the F.B.I. has made an urgent request to anybody with one of the devices: Turn it off, and then turn it back on.

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 In Terrorism News

From BBC News

Liege shooting: Two police officers and civilian dead in Belgium

From the article

A man has shot dead two female police officers and a civilian in the eastern Belgian city of Liège.

The gunman also took a female cleaner hostage at a school before being killed by police. Two other police officers were also injured. 

The man’s motive is not yet clear but the incident is being treated as terrorism.

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