The book was written by Tony Scotti and is more than 30 years old. The 220-page book was intended for executives and the general public and was initially published in 1986 by Prentice Hall. During the 30 plus years since it was written, there is more that is similar to today’s events than is different.

At some point, Joe Autera and I plan and re-doing the book. But there is not much that needs to be redone.

The following chapters of the book are available to ISDA members at no charge

Chapter One
Effects of Terrorism on Business
Terrorism Defined

Chapter Two
Knowing the Enemy
Different Types of Terrorist
Terrorist areas of Operations

Chapter Three
Terrorist Goals
Corporate Legal Responsibly
The Cost of Terrorism
How Terrorists Are Trained
How Terrorists Operate
Surprise and the Early Warning System
Knowing If You Are a Target

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