Secure Transportation News for June 2022

Welcome to the June edition of the Secure Transportation News – our regular recap of content on Secure Transportation.

has the training market become an amusement park?

Has the Training Market Become an Amusement Park?

This tragic video has been circulating through various social media platforms. It took place at Fort Tiuna in Caracas. It was part of a bodyguard training program; we have attached a news article. The many posts produced a multitude of comments. By far the best and most accurate comes from Ivan Ivanovich – “The training market has become an amusement park,” – which aligns with what we have been saying for many years – “it is not training; its entertainment.” As we have been preaching for nearly half a century, those that instruct security driving programs must have a firm understanding of Vehicle Dynamics. Anyone with a rudimentary knowledge of Vehicle Dynamics would not have a student hanging out the window while doing a J Turn. Watch the Video

department of homeland security bulletin

National Terrorism Advisory System

This National Terrorism Advisory message is not only for “clients” but for family and friends. From National Terrorism Advisory System – “In the coming months, we expect the threat environment to become more dynamic as several high-profile events could be exploited to justify acts of violence against a range of possible targets.” Read the Bulletin

Security driver payscale pay scale

The Security Driver Pay Scale

In our latest episode of the Executive Protection and Secure Transportation podcast, we continue to look into security driver salaries. While curating Security Driver job opportunities for our International Security Driver Association members, we data mined the salaries offered on LinkedIn and employment websites. Our goal was to get an idea of the Security Driver’s Pay Scale. Read More

Driving training in excessive heat tires and extreme heat

Driver Training in Excessive Heat

Those who are conducting driver training in this extreme heat be cautious of over-tightening the wheel’s lug nuts. The combination of heavy loads on the front tires, over-tightened wheel lugs, and extreme heat can be problematic. Read More

A Caution Concerning Tires and Extreme Heat

Weather forecasters are predicting more extreme heat across a large portion of the US; the same is true in many locations across the globe. Read More

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