Worn Tires Decrease Handling on Wet Roads Up to 33%

Larry Snow with the Secure Transportation and Executive Protection News podcast for Tuesday, June 12th, 2018.

In Vehicle News

From the BBC News

Car insurers warn on ‘autonomous’ vehicles

The motor insurance industry is warning carmakers against the use of the word “autonomous” in their marketing.

A report for the Association of British Insurers says the way some advanced vehicles are described can convince motorists that they have self-driving cars when that is not the case.

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And from AAA Foundation Worn Tires Decrease Handling on Wet Roads Up to 33%

According to a recent study from AAA, on wet roads, worn tires with a tread depth of 4/32 inch have an average increased stopping distance of 87 feet for a passenger car and 86 feet for a light truck when compared with new tires.

The research explores performance differences on wet pavement between the worn tires and new all-season tires when driving at 60 mph. 

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In Cybersecurity news

Chinese hackers stole 614GB of undersea warfare data from U.S. Navy contractor

Hackers linked to the Chinese government reportedly stole 614 gigabytes of highly sensitive data from a U.S. Navy contractor, including plans related to a supersonic anti-ship missile meant to be usable by 2020 and other details about undersea warfare.

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And from PoliceOne.Com

Feds arrest 74 in global email scam crackdown

Federal authorities have announced a major coordinated law enforcement effort to disrupt international business e-mail compromise schemes.

Authorities, including the FBI and Department of Justice, announced on Monday that arrests have been made in connection to business e-mail compromise schemes designed to intercept and hijack wire transfers from businesses and individuals. Operation WireWire, which also included the Department of Homeland Security, involved a six-month sweep that culminated in over two weeks of intense law enforcement activity, leading to 74 arrests in the U.S. and overseas.

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