Fitness app Polar exposed locations of spies and military personnel

Larry Snow with the Secure Transportation and Executive Protection News for Monday, July 9th, 2018

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From Automotive News Editor in Chief Keith Crain

Federal government must act

In Keith’s Column, he writes

It is painfully obvious that we — and the U.S. government — should not continue to allow car companies to use our streets and highways as if they are a private proving grounds intended solely for their use.

The use of public highways for unproven technology is foolhardy and reckless. 

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From Business Insider

Google says it’s not reading your Gmail, except when it does…

Google was hauled over the coals this week after The Wall Street Journal reported that it had given hundreds of app makers access to millions of inboxes belonging to Gmail users. 

The Journal reported that users who signed up for “email-based services” like “shopping price comparisons” and “automated travel-itinerary planners” were most at risk of having their private messages read.

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And from ZDNet

Fitness app Polar exposed locations of spies and military personnel

A popular fitness app that tracks the activity data on millions of users has inadvertently revealed the locations of personnel working at military bases and intelligence services.

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