Pirelli Is Launching Smart Tires That Can Monitor Wear and Load

Larry Snow with the Secure Transportation and Executive Protection News for Monday, July 23rd, 2018

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From Motor Authority

Michelin wants to replace oil with wood in tires

Wooden tires don’t have the best ring to them, but Michelin firmly believes they’ll be a reality in 2020. 

The French tire maker told Motoring in a report published this month of its plans to introduce wood into tires, and it’s all about moving away from oil.

Cyrille Roget, Michelin’s worldwide director of scientific and innovation communication, said the plan is to create more sustainable tires in the future, and experiments with wood waste have provided a solution. The tire maker will incorporate elastomers from wood chips to replace a tire’s oil content. Today, 80 percent of materials found in tires come from oil. In the future, that percentage will drop to 20 percent by 2048, Michelin believes. And rubber will also be included, which Roget said is also sustainable.

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And from Car and Driver

Pirelli Is Launching Smart Tires That Can Monitor Wear and Load

Pirelli is among the first tire manufacturers to introduce a truly “smart” tire, which it calls Connesso (Italian for “connected”) for the aftermarket version and Cyber Tire for the variant it’s selling to automakers. The system delivers a richer well of data than the industry-standard tire-pressure monitoring system (TPMS), which transmits real-time readings to the car’s CAN bus and displays tire pressures and sometimes temperatures on your dash. Pirelli’s smart tire certainly can do that, but instead of mounting pressure sensors to each wheel’s air valve, it embeds a combination sensor in each tire’s inner wall that measures pressure, temperature, and vertical load. That’s only the start. 

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In Security News

Toronto shooting: Deadly attack in Greektown district

A gunman has opened fire on a busy avenue in Toronto, killing a young woman and injuring 13 other people, one of them critically, police say. 

The victim critically injured in the Canadian city’s Greektown district is a girl of eight or nine, they add.

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From Shredit.Com

2018 State of the Industry

Information Security

The following is from the introduction of the report

Every year, Shred-it’s State of the Industry Report aims to help businesses understand the risks they face in a world dominated by technology. The report draws on the detailed findings from the annual Shred-it Security Tracker, an in-depth targeted research study conducted on behalf of Shred-it by Ipsos. Now in its eighth year, the 2018 Security Tracker study provides global insight on information security policies and procedures among Small Business Owners (SBOs) and C-Suite Executives (C-Suites) in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia.

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