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Larry Snow with the Secure Transportation and Executive Protection News for Monday, July 2nd, 2018.

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From ASIS Foundation

Connecting Research in Security to Practice Report (CRISP) on Sports Team Travel Security

From the Executive Summary of the White Paper:

Sports Team Travel Security (STTS) provides visible and behind-the-scenes mobile security to traveling athletic teams participating in all levels of competitive sports, from amateur and collegiate teams in practice or competition to pro sports participating in major events such as the Olympic Games, World Cups, and Super Bowls. This report reviews and summarizes the existing STTS literature to meet five objectives:

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From Security Magazine

2018 Security Leadership Issue: The Rising Role of Women in Security

Diane Ritchey had the pleasure of speaking with nine female executives who are succeeding in security leadership roles:

Included in the article are the backgrounds of how they achieved their successes and gave career advice.

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From Education Dive

More school districts turn to online security services to monitor threats

  • The Orange County school district in Hillsborough, N.C. is the latest district to sign on with a new online security service designed to identify online threats to schools and students, WFMY News reports.
  • The service, provided by Social Sentinel, will cost the school district about $10,000, a year but will look for keywords in social media that may pose a threat to students in the district.
  • The service will conduct nationwide monitoring of social media activity related to the school district and identify the Orange County Sheriff’s Department about potential threats to student safety with the goal of prevention. 

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In Business of Executive Protection News

In Case You Missed It (ICYMI) From ISDACenter.Org

It’s Not Easy Being Security

How a corporate security team can develop a brand and change perceptions and mindset of employees, customers, clients, and visitors.

It’s a hard job, employees think that you are only slowing them down in their daily routines – fire alarm, evacuation, and shelter in place drills. Let’s face it – your job is telling people what they can and cannot do. Asking for volunteers for fire wardens and searchers is sometimes like pulling teeth. Sometimes you are looked at being an annoyance – (I can’t open this door without security and they take forever!).  Some may think you are a drain on the company bottom line. 

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